How Mothers Can Benefit From the help of a Life Coach in Developing the Parent-Child Bond

Being mother of a teen daughter can be a highly tricky task.  As teen are moving from childhood to adulthood and transitioning through the adolescence anxieties, mothers desire to be there for their daughters.  However, sometimes those relationships drift during the teen years.

How can mothers best support their daughters?

Although every mother wants to be with her daughter during such times, but the reality is that in some cases, they simply can’t. Most teenage girls have some parts of their life that can’t be shared with her parents. This makes the teenage years more perplexing for moms, as moms desire to bond with their daughters, however, teens desire independence.

Teen Life Coaching

The best measure a mother can implement is to opt for teen life coaching, as it provides the guidance, support, and proven strategies to not only help teen girls gain confidence, build life-skills and overcome challenges.  Teen Life Coaching in Dallas also supports mothers and parents in encouraging communication and enabling opportunities for parents to bond while connecting with their teenage daughter.


How Mothers Can Benefit From the help of a Life Coach in Developing the Parent-Child Bond

The sessions can be held virtually online or in Coach Keisha Howard’s office located in North Dallas, Texas.  Coach Keisha Howard is a Certified Teen Life Coach in Dallas, and National Youth Motivational Speaker who specializes in topics related to healthy teen girl development such as bullying, body image, self-esteem, smart social media usage, peer pressure, college preparation, and communication.

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